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This game is a complete mystery.

The Mystery video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suupQqdMM_0

README contents:

Welcome to Mystery,
Nobody can explain what is this program, why it receive datas from a distant server, and why the fuck does it exists? (well, we know that it is for a Game jam (Hello Bit Jam <3), but, it's not the point).

The goal of the game is to understand that mystery, and try to figure out what is the goal of thoes intriging messages.

Your mission, if you accepts it, is to understand and interact with thoes creatures, in order to understand what are their goals.

Here are some indications about all this mystery:
- We know that thoes messages are not crypted. They are sended in a language that can be understood by ouer computers... What that could mean?
- CIA's people have noted that the same sequence starts each time at the beginning of a new message.
- They also found that, if you restart the program, the message will start from its begenning.
- We have decoded a part of the message "ttr" and "irc", what could that mean? Is it a way to communicate with them?!

It's your mission to understand everything. This could be a plan to destroy the humanity! We need to stop them.

Be careful commander, we know that all of this is very linked to the internet. So be careful, indications could be everywhere...

You will need to launch index.html in a web browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome. The browser needs to be compatible with Web Sockets.
You are allowed to take a look at the sourcecode, and even modify it, if you have the knowledge for it!
You will also need internet for this, ofc!

Good luck commander!

-- End of transmission --


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