A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Overmind is a new Agar.io/Diep.io inspired game (web-browser websockets based game).

This game is a browser-based game, you can access it via your browser here: http://overmind.mog-creations.com/ (or by downloading the game (more stable))

The game is imagined as a Shoo'm'up style game, with WASD movement system and target with mouse, but also with a class system and a spell system.

The game is now in its early development phase, and has not many contents.

We are currently under the version 0.1.6 and it's more a test to see what people think about the game than other things.

For this "early" development release, only one server -with 100 places for players- is available, and will be very unstable. Many crashs will occur. The goal is only to provide an early prototype of the game, and gather some players ideas!

Don't hesitate to use the community forums on itch.io (at the bottom of this page) to interract with us!

Currently available classes


Pyro is a fire and explosions based class.


Base HP: 250

Base Damages: 2

Base Speed: 35

Base bullet speed: 40

Base reload speed: 1 (tics)

Spells descriptions can be found directly in the game!

Big Mama

Big Mama is the first class that have been introduced to Overmind. It is a heay tank, with tank-based skills.


Base HP: 500
Base Damages: 30
Base Speed: 20
Base bullet speed: 30
Base reload speed: 12 (tics)

Spells descriptions can be found directly in the game!


Nova is a support heal-based class. Her goal is to help her team by placing healing zones, and buff other team members.


Base HP: 200
Base Damages: 3
Base Speed: 30
Base bullet speed: 50
Base reload speed: 3 (tics)

Spells descriptions can be found directly in the game!


windows-x32.zip 40 MB
linux-x32.zip 49 MB